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BEST Corp’s staff has over 70 years combined Engine development, Petroleum Refining, additive manufacturing, and Petrochemical Marketing, Supply, and Trading experience. Best Corp.’s principles have been responsible for the development, marketing, and supply of numerous clean burning fuel formulations, specialty fuel formulations, additive formulations, and renewable fuels. Among their accomplishments are the development, supply, and marketing of some of the most economical CARB gasoline and diesel fuel formulations, Texas Low Emission diesel fuel formulations, specialty aviation fuels for NASA, the fuel for Steve Fossett’s Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer to enable his numerous record setting flights, specialty crude oil additives and chemical solutions, and fuel additives to control intake valve deposits, detergents, lubricity improvers, corrosion inhibitors, pour/cloud point depressants, etc. BEST Corp was formed in August 2009 and is now a leading supplier of petrochemical additives, petroleum based fuels, and renewable fuels in the United States and abroad, specializing in low emission fuel additives and renewable fuels, that enable fuel producers and blenders to meet Federal and State low emission, low carbon, and renewable fuel requirements.

To provide the most economical reliable supply of quality additives, fuels, and technologies to the energy and transportation industry, while providing unsurpassed customer service. BEST Corp. obtains these goals by adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees, social and environmental policies, and safety standards.